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Created On1/22/2013
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When will my pre-ordered book arrive?

Pre-ordered books typically begin shipping on or after the release date noted in the PassPorter Store. When there is a delay, we announce it in our PassPorter newsletter (http://www.passporter.com/news) and in our PassPorter community (http://www.passporterboards.com/forums).

If you are traveling very soon to the release date and you're hoping to receive your book before you go, you can e-mail support@passporter.com with your order number and departure date, and we will mark your order as one to ship out first.

If you need to cancel or modify a pre-order, e-mail support@passporter.com

If you order other, non-pre-order items at the same time as a pre-order item, please understand that your order will not ship until ALL items are in stock. Your shipping price is based on one shipment, not two or more. If you must have your other items before your pre-order ships, we recommend you place two separate orders. If you've already placed a pre-order, contact support@passporter.com to arrange for additional shipping funds.          

Read more about our pre-order policies at http://www.passporterstore.com/store/preorderinfo.aspx