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Created On1/22/2013
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How do I download my e-book/Online Edition?

To access and download your PassPorter e-book or Online Edition, follow these instructions:

STORE PURCHASE: If you purchased one of our e-books or online editions through the PassPorter Store, you may download it again at any time by following these steps:
1. Sign into our online store at http://www.passporterstore.com/store
2. Choose Order Status and History
3. Select your recent order.
4. Click Download Now.

Alternately, you can go to our Concierge Desk at http://www.passporter.com/concierge/lookup.php, enter the same e-mail address you used to order your book in the store, and follow the instructions on that page.

Please note: If you use a different e-mail address to order your book than you use in our PassPorter community (these are two separate username databases), you will likely have a problem looking up your book in the Concierge Desk. If you believe this is the case with you, send an e-mail to support@passporter.com with all e-mail addresses you may have used and we can sync up your accounts.